December 7, 2017 | By: Kamal

Inspire your Donors

Today, is an exciting day for us here at Credibal.

For the last 17 months we have been working hard on creating a brand new fundraising tool called Credibal which is now very close to being launched as a Beta Product. We are also excited to finally open up our website and this blog through which we will bring you many wonderful tips and techniques that we have learned that will help you in raising lots of more funds.

We built Credibal for you — the non-profits, the charitable causes, membership based organizations, and virtually anyone who raises funds or manages a constituency.

The idea behind Credibal is simple. We want to show donors what happens to their money “after” they have made the donation?
Most of us have probably experienced this already where we receive tons of solicitations – over various digital channels – to donate but the tools behind these channels go silent in post-giving phase once the donation has been made. Other than a Thank You note there’s not much else they can share with donors. So if donors are really curious they only option they have is to visit the website of the non-profit/cause to which they donated, view their annual report, or if they are brave, pull the annual Form-990 from third party websites.

With Credibal non-profits will be able to share more information in the post-giving phase such as, how the donation was exactly used? Credibal helps map every single donation, no matter how large or small, to the very specific financial transactions that it helped pay for. In addition, donors receive a Tracking Number every time they make a donation which they use anytime to track their gift. Much like the tracking of a shipping package.

It has been proven that when non-profits share more information with their donors, they raise more funds. But when we add this level of personalization, it is simply inspiring.

So stay tuned with us and we promise to help you raise more funds with much more ease.

Happy Fundraising.

Founder, Credibal