Why are we here?

We are helping nonprofits build meaningful relationships with donors and raise more funds

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Retain Donors & Raise more Funds

Hi, my name is Kamal. I am the founder of Credibal.

I created Credibal because I was one of those donors that my favorite nonprofit couldn't retain.

Yes, this is true.

The seed for this software were sown many years ago when I used to give to a charity that ran development projects in poor countries. I gave and gave and gave until, I stopped.

Here’s why:

  • I never felt part of the game
  • I couldn’t gauge the type of impact I was making
  • I couldn’t give my donation a proper valuation

I’d get a colorful brochure at the end of each year but that didn’t help me understand how I was personally able to make an impact. The nonprofit’s work was important to me but I was left with no choice but to stop.

My last check was for $200.

And that's why I created Credibal.

The very idea behind Credibal is to:

  1. Allow nonprofits to engage donors in post-giving phase
  2. Develop more meaningful relationships without making another ask
  3. Share information with donors in a personalized way that helps them understand the impact they are making

When we built this system we focused on the post-giving phase when the ball is in the nonprofit’s court. The donors have done their work and they are now waiting, anxiously for some news. They are eager. They want to know how did their donation help? The situation is ripe.

And if nonprofits can utilize this moment, channel these emotions, and share information on the impact that the donor was able to make, this goes far beyond any Thank You note.

...and where does it get us?

It builds credibility, and develops a stronger, longer-lasting, more meaningful relationship with your donors. And they are going to come back the next year because you are delivering value to them.

We hope you join us in our journey of helping 1000 nonprofits.


Our Journey to 1000 Nonprofits

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We are on our journey to helping 1000 nonprofits build strong relationships with their donors and raise more funds than ever before. If you'd like to know how we are doing from time to time, please join our mailing list.

Basic Tenets

This is what we have learned so far

Shoot the ball

If you have the ball in your hands and you don't shoot it then that is a sure hell way of NOT making the basket. So no matter how far you are, or if you have a good grip on the ball, or if you have a large player playing defense in front of you, if you don't try you will never know and never make the basket.

Be Transparent

To make an effective organization we have to be open. If we are not open then we are hiding something. If we have to hide things then we probably weren't as effective. Avoid this chain. Being open puts responsibility on us. It requires us to do what we promise. And when we do what we promise — we become effective, productive, profitable.

Spread Happiness

No, we can't make everyone happy but we can surely try. Be fair to others, give credit, and try to give them what they need — can be as simple as a smile, a true apology, or a genuine show of emotion.