Connect donors with your mission

Make your donors feel connected with your mission by providing them more meaningful information and visibility. Make them feel like they are part of the action.

Show impact

Show your donors how they are helping to make a difference and moving your shared missing forward

Inspire your donors

Give your donors a unique way to interact with you and inspire them on the way

Attract, engage and retain donors

It is hard to find new donors but it is harder to retain them. Credibal gives you the tools to not only attract new donors but also keep them around for years.

  • Use consumer behavior and human psychology
  • Share meaningful information
  • Develop stronger, long-term relations
  • Offer a new way to raise funds
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Raise funds with less friction

Make every round of fundraising easier. Credibal reduces friction and hesitation for donors because it promises to show them the value of their donations.

Provide value

Help donors valuate their donations and the returns they can expect for easier fundraising

Avoid donor fatigue

Reinvograte and replenish the energy behind your fundraising efforts and give donors more reasons to keep on giving


Bring closure and satisfaction to your donors by showing them the impact that they have made

Automate and personalize

Use automation to personalize the entire giving experience for your donors

How does Credibal work?

Your road to donor retention and higher fundraising


Show your needs

Build a Budget for anything: a project, a campaign, an event, or your entire organization and show it to your donors on your online-giving pages. It impacts them psychologically. It gives them the whole picture — kind of like starting with an end in mind.


Share information

Once the donors have donated, Credibal identifies and tracks each donation. It allows you to build a personalized experience for each donor as you share more relevant information with them. Your donors will be delighted and will look forward to receiving emails from you.


Build relations & Raise more Funds

So now that your emails contain valuable information for donors and not simply solicitations for more donations, donors see the value they are getting. You are on path to building something more meaningful with your donors. This helps in retaining donors and more fund raising.

A complete fundraising system

Credibal comes with a full-set of tools to help you raise more Trust & Funds

Donor Management

Automatically add donors to your contact list along with their giving history, manage volunteers, maintain relationships, and run reports

On & Off-Line Fundraising

Easily integrate with your website and start accepting donations online.

Automated Emails

Send automatic emails to donors upon reaching various stages in your workflow.

Multiple Fundraisers

Raise funds for anything such as a project, a campaign, an event, or for your entire organization's annual fund

Donor Portal

Let your donors, major-donors, members, & volunteers to login & manage their own profiles

Show Impact

Share data with donors to demonstrate the impact you have been able to make

Before & after Credibal

Comparison of your fundraising efforts, before Credibal and now, with Credibal


  • No meaningful way to engage donors after they had donated
  • Donors get a blurry picture of the impact they are able to make
  • Nonprofits couldn't offer any clear value proposition to donors when asking for donations
  • Tools focused only on donor management and collecting donations but not on the reasons why donors give


  • Engage donors in meaningful ways by sharing data that demonstrate impact
  • Donors get a clear view of how each one of their donations helped the nonprofit
  • Donors get a clear valuation of their donations
  • Offer a new way to raise funds