Show Impact to Donors

Your path to a more trusting longer-lasting relationship with your Donors

All the tools you need to engage and inspire your donors

And, of course, raise more funds too

Define Your Needs

Build and share your needs with donors in the shape of a detailed budget.

You can create a budget for anything — a project, a new campaign, an event, or even the entire organization. The system accepts donations made against a budget and tracks them for further reporting.

Raise Funds

Let donors view the entire budget and show how much is already raised in various expense categories. Then let them decide the category to which they’d prefer to donate. You can of course choose to show as much or as little of your budget as you’d like.

Show Financial Transactions

Credibal integrates with over 30 largest financial institutions to automatically fetch your transactions. Credibal learns as you categorize your transactions and connects them to individual donations. Pretty awesome stuff!

Let donors Track their Donations

Give your donor a Donation Tracking ID whenever they make a donation through Credibal.

Donors can use this tracking number to track donations and see the exact status of their gift as it works its way through your organization.