How does it work?

Amaze & Retain your Donors with 3 Simple Steps

Build long-lasting relationships with your donors, as well as raise more funds when you share more information. You have complete control over how much information you want to share.

Step 1 — Show your needs

Credibal helps you present your needs in the shape of a simple Budget. You can build a Budget for anything you work on such as a project, a campaign, an event, or even your entire organization. Once a Budget is built, you have the choice to diaplay your Budget on your Giving pages. Donors can easily understand this information and make more informed decisions.

The Psychology

There is a deeper psychological impact of displaying your budgets to your donors. First of all they are conditioning their minds with a clear end. This is like “beginning with an end in mind”. Secondly, they feel more in control with a clear purpose knowing that they can make things happen. And lastly, it brings them a sense of gratification and fulfillment knowing the impact that they can make.

Step 2 — Share more Information

Every donor is important but Credibal treats every donation made by every donor to also enjoy the same status. And that's why donations are a first-class citizen in Credibal. Credibal identifies and tracks each donation individually and allows nonprofits to share information related to them.

Talk about individual service.

Credibal allows nonprofits to share everything that happens within the context of that donation. Nonprotifs can map donations and financial transactions that take place inside the various expense accounts.

Step 3 — Let donors track their donations

Credibal assigns a unique donation tracking ID to each donation. Donors can use this tracking ID to see at any time the current status of their donation.

Nothing shows more confidence, and openness, on the part of the nonprofit, than putting the control in your donors’ hands and letting them explore how their donations were used. Credibal provides a beautiful portal for donors that not only informs them but engages them in a true meaningful way.