How it works?

Achieve Transparency in Three Simple Steps

Credibal gives you complete control over the information that you’d like to share with your donors. You can share as little or as much as necessary.

Step 1 — Show your needs

You establish the first step in transparency by clearly displaying your needs to your donors. Credibal helps you to present your needs in the shape of a simple Budget. Donors can easily understand it, and can make their giving decisions based on your needs.

Step 2 — Map your transactions

Credibal provides transparency by mapping donations and financial transactions that take place inside the various expense accounts. Expense accounts are simply the expenses that your nonprofits pays for. Credibal monitors all activities inside expense accounts and provides a complete and accurate picture to donors on how their money is being used.

Step 3 — Let donors track their donations

Credibal assigns a unique donation tracking ID to each donation. Donors can use this tracking ID to see at any time the current status of their donation.

Nothing shows more confidence, and openness, on the part of the nonprofit, than putting the control in your donors’ hands and letting them explore how their donations were used. Credibal provides a beautiful portal for donors that not only informs them but engages them in a true meaningful way.

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