Fundraiser's Dilemma

Are you a nonprofit or a fundraiser that sounds like this?

Then Credibal is the Solution

Here's how

Attract & Inspire Donors

Nothing is more attractive to donors than knowing the impact they have been able to make with their gifts. It helps them valuate their donations and draw a deeper psychological satisfaction & closure from it. It also helps to cultivate trust and inspire donors to give again.

Keep Donors Engaged

Whenever we communicate with donors the last few words inevitably end at: "Would you like to Donate Again?" Credibal gives you the ability to keep your donors engaged with valuable information and not sound like you are always asking for more donations.

Creative Fundraising

Now you have a powerful fundraising tool in your hands. Every donation made through Credibal gets its own unique tracking ID that the donors can use to see how their donations are doing. This has never been done before. You will be the first. And this will dazzle your donors.

Build Relationships & Raise Funds

Credibal focuses on the post-giving phase where you can build stronger more meaningful relations with your donors. And this stronger bond inevitably converts into easier and larger fundraising.

Be the Unique Nonprofit

Inspire Donors, Build strong Relationships, Raise more Funds


Credibal comes with a full-set of features to help you raise more Funds

Define Needs

For every fund, define a budget that gives donors the full picture of your needs.

Financial Transactions

Integrate with your financial institutions to download transactions.

Track Donations

Allow donors to login through your website and track their donations – in real-time.

Manage Contacts

Let your donors, major-donors, members, & volunteers to login & manage their own profiles.

On & Off-Line Fundraising

Easily integrate with your website and start accepting donations online.

Automated Emails

Send automatic emails to donors upon reaching various stages in your workflow.

Creative concepts in Fundraising

Get an invitation to a special webinar and see how you can raise more funds than EVER before