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And see how you can raise more funds than ever before!

Credibal Beta Program

Join us as a beta customer

Credibal helps nonprofits be more transparent with their donors

Credibal — the new, disruptive, transparency focused fundraising platform for nonprofits — is now available in Beta and we are inviting a handful of nonprofits to join us as beta customers. While the system is in beta, you will have access to all the features of the system, will be able to provide feedback, and help shape the future of fundraising.

As a beta customer you will have lifetime use of the entire system at heavily discounted prices currently listed on our website.

What is the Beta Stage?

Beta is a stage in the life of a software program when the system is in the early phases of its public release. In this stage the system is fully functional but we actively seek the feedback and opinion of our customers.

Why should I join the Beta program?

You’d be a pioneer in the fundraising world if you’d join. Credibal promises fundraising in a way that has never been tried before. This would almost be a disruption in the nonprofit world.

What would you expect from us during the Beta stage?

We only ask for your feedback. Credibal helps you to be more transparent with your donors and this transparency is achieved through a certain process. You can help us refine that process.

What can we expect from Credibal during the Beta stage?

You can expect to do your fundraising through Credibal, manage your contacts, provide donation tracking reports to your donors and everything else that the system does. Besides, we are all ears during this stage — not that we won’t be afterwards but…you get the idea 🙂

Is it free?

No. You will be charged a fee for using the system. It is a fully functional system and it will help you raise more funds than ever before — we promise you. But the fee that we are charging is almost nominal and is heavily discounted. Lastly, you will stay with this fee structure even after we are out of the beta stage.

What happens once the system is out of Beta?

After running a successful beta program, Credibal will be available for use by the wider public. You as the beta customers, however, will continue using the system as usual and you will always enjoy the “elite beta customer” status with us.