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Your path to a more trusting, longer-lasting relationship with Donors

Build Transparency and Amaze Your Donors

Build transparency, Cultivate Trust & Raise more funds


Achieve greater transparency by showing each individual donor, in real-time, how their donations are being utilized.

Don’t just send them your year-end reports or your IRS-990 Forms, but allow donors to track their donations and show them exactly which expenses were paid by their donation.

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A Complete Fundraising Tool


Raise more funds with ease and access a comprehensive set of fundraising tools and reporting capabilities.

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Portal for Self-Service

Self-Service Portal

Reduce your workload and let your donors, volunteers and members access and maintain their information on the self-service portal. Donors can track their donations on the portal and view their donation history.

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Credibal comes with a full-set of tools to help you raise more Trust & Funds

Define Needs

For every fund, define a budget that gives donors the full picture of your needs.

Financial Transactions

Integrate with your financial institutions to download transactions.

Track Donations

Allow donors to login through your website and track their donations – in real-time.

Manage Contacts

Let your donors, major-donors, members, & volunteers to login & manage their own profiles.

On & Off-Line Fundraising

Easily integrate with your website and start accepting donations online.

Automated Emails

Send automatic emails to donors upon reaching various stages in your workflow.

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